Our Clients

Legal guardians are always required to look out for the best interests of those on whose behalf they are appointed.  For the very reasons that guardianship is necessary, however, we are unable to contract directly with the wards we serve. Rather, our clients are those close with the wards- nursing facilities, caregivers, family, or friends- who seek to provide their residents or loved ones with essential services.

A Unique Plan

Guardian Connection’s mission is to provide affordable and easy access to guardianship for all who need it. With an active Guardian Connection plan, a guardian is always in place, available and authorized to make the decisions that allow for quality- and continuity- of care.

How It Works

Guardian Connection assumes responsibility of the entire procedural and legal processes for obtaining guardianship.  We vet every potential guardian, confirm completion of training requirements, and ensure compatibility with matched wards.  

After obtaining all necessary documentation, Guardian Connection files the application for guardianship with the court.  We do the work and attend the court hearings; our clients rarely step foot in the courthouse.

Throughout the life of the appointment, Guardian Connection provides ongoing procedural guidance, and monitors guardians’ compliance with legal responsibilities and standards of care.

Guarantee of Continuity  

Guardian Connection provides guardians best-suited to the specific needs and circumstances of each appointment.  We guarantee the continuity of every appointment: Should one of our appointed guardians be unable to continue, Guardian Connection will cover all court costs and waive all fees associated with the appointment of a successor guardian.

Summary of Services

Match guardians
with wards

Complete and file
guardian of the person

Research familial
and financial particulars 

Identify and contact

Attend probate court appointment hearings

Prepare and file
guardian of the estate

Serve as guardian
of the estate

Assist with
Medicaid coverage

Emergency guardianship applications

Monitor performance and compliance

Private guardianship assistance