GUARDIAN CONNECTION partners with caregivers and families
to provide comprehensive guardianship services.
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We make sure that a guardian is always in place
for those no longer capable of making life’s important decisions.
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Vetted and trained guardians are carefully matched to ensure compatibility
and are provided ongoing guidance and assistance.
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Our “Continuity of Guardianship” guarantee ensures that
there will always be a guardian to rely on.
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Affordable and easy access to
legal guardianship for all who need it.  

With sensitivity, kindness, and understanding, we step in to help those struggling with the challenges of dementia, age-related decline, traumatic brain injury, and mental disability.

Vital decisions are made.  Crises are averted.
Continuity of services is maintained.

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Nursing facilities • Long-term providers
Home health care agencies • Families

Our clients rely on us to establish and maintain guardianship of those unable to make their own decisions.  We provide the wherewithal for timely care and ongoing financial maintenance.

Let’s work together.  
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Kind and compassionate guardians are
the heart and soul of Guardian Connection.  

Our ranks include nurses, social workers, retirees, and stay-at-home parents, all of whom believe that mental decline does not change the humanity of a person.  

We treat the elderly with respect, feel privileged to help the vulnerable, and understand that the challenges they face require our understanding and patience.

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